The Downfall of Misunderstandings

by Adam B.

If you know who I am and you know me well, you should know that I love cows.

After all, not only are they one of the most incredibly adorable animals that have ever inhabited our planet, they also happen to be one of the most peaceful. Think about it: all they really do is walk around, eating grass here and there. Ultimately, cows really just mind their own business.

But even the most peaceful of creatures are often misunderstood by the general public. Thousands, if not millions, of people do not immediately think of the cow right away as a peace-loving adorable creature that likes to munch on grass. Instead, the status quo merely thinks of the cow as a large chunk of meat that often gets very dirty and ultimately seems unappealing.

I do not deny the fact that cows can often be very unsanitary animals and that, well, they happen to taste quite delicious (ah, what a hypocrite I am). But I recognize that behind that dirt, lies the true cow, if you will. The cow that is not misconstrued by the public.

Now, by many due respects, aren't human beings just the same as cows? Do we not misunderstand each other just as we misunderstand cows themselves?

Constant conflicts throughout the epochs were a result of our own simple misunderstandings of each other. Countless wars have been fought because the opposing sides of them did not understand one another's cultures or ways. World War One, in fact, erupted over the misunderstanding of the assassination of a political leader. Does it not seem to be that numerous catastrophic conflicts occur because we cannot understand what is going on?

Now, dim down the situation even further. Think about the extremely high divorce rates in the United States. The truth, is that many of those divorces occurred because those couples did not properly understand one another. Even for high school couples, heart-wrenching break-ups often occur because the boyfriend does not properly understand the girlfriend's feelings, or vice-verse.

I am unbelievably frustrated of the misunderstandings we have for each other. So many more positive outcomes could have resulted in the past if it were not for misunderstandings. So please, the next time you think badly about a cow or whatnot, actually take the time to consider why that is; because it just could be that you don't have a proper grasp about the subject or situation.