One thing that really irritates me is when people try to tell you that your problems are "nothing" compared to someone else's. For example, when someone tries to tell someone else that they don't know what pain is until they've experienced something as horrible starving or being a single mother in a third world country. Reminding someone of the hardships people are facing in Africa that most likely are much worse than theirs will most likely result in them feeling worse than they did in the first place! No one understands the amount of pain another person is experiencing and it's not right to try and judge someone's feelings and tell them they aren't REALLY going through a hard time.
Don't get me wrong, I am well aware that I don't have it as hard as the majority of the world. I understand how awful it is for them to go through what they go through, but even if they do have it much worse, that doesn't change the fact that we have what we have. It doesn't change that fact that it's human to feel pain and emotion when we're going through a hard time. Convincing someone that their problems are minuscule and irrelevant doesn't make you any better of a person nor does it change anything for the people experiencing pain or going through a hard time. So please, keep your thoughts to yourself and have a heart!!!