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The system is SO F*CKED. Why is life all about stress? Stress in high school, then in college, later it’ll hit us over the head with taxes, debts, and mortgages, car payments, and who knows what else? Food on the table, roof over our kids heads, money in the bank. Student loans for your little Johnny, tuition, and car insurance. That’s if everything goes RIGHT, and we all know that life never treats us fairly, so we hope for the best, and expect the WORST. It ends, hopefully, on the day we get enough money we retire, and for some of us, the day we die.
Let’s start with school. Over and over, Mr. Geib and Mrs. Kindred tell us that if we work hard that we’ll pass with at least a C in the class. But the thing is, colleges don’t realize how hard we worked, honestly they don’t give a f*cking rats ass! The look at the transcript, see the C and throw that shit in the ‘rejection’ pile. Maybe that’s why so much of us cheat, because we know that the colleges look at our grades and that’s it! The system isn’t based on how hard we work; it’s all about the grade. Some teachers deduct points because we stapled the test wrong or other crap that has nothing to do with our academic ability OR capacity. Government funded public school was established by Horse-Man to ensure that our generations would be educated and that the stupid masses (not like we don’t have them) aren’t herded like sheep by the big bad mean-potato (dick-taiter) wolf. But now the government has cut funding from our schools to pay for stupid military funding. This isn’t WWIII people! We don’t need to spend THAT much on national defense! And someone please tell me WTF we’re ‘defending’! America is surrounded by the largest fucking moat in history. Something kings of medieval times could only dream for. Besides that, I think college is too fucking expensive, and mind my French but I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO LEARN REAL FRENCH. Uncle Sam should be a doll and pay for my tuition because if I pull out a student loan that increases from interest the second I grab the cash, then I’d be“attached to another object by an incline plane, wrapped helically around an axis”…in layman’s terms, “screwed.” I don’t think I should have to work three jobs to pay for a car, the insurance, and the gas, that I need to drive myself to said jobs that I took on to pay for these loans in the first place. It’s an endless circle of WTF!Everyone’s working their fucking ass off! I don’t want my life to be a 9-5 till I’m 80 but knowing me that’s what’s going to happen! My rant is on how the System Fucking Sucks! I don’t know how, but I’m going to change something. It’s time to stand up and put one (two if you’re British) of those fingers on each hand up!

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