Was human kind always this bad at communicating? I would guess not, figuring the constant bombardment of media and technology has severely impacted us. Every five

seconds you are informed with a text message, a Facebook status update, a

new tweet, a picture on tumblr, the list goes on and on. Are our minds so

convoluted with these distractions that we have completely lost the ability

to have a decent conversation? You set your phone down for five minutes

and if you walk back to it and the little satisfying gleam of the “new txt

message” screen is not evident, maybe you shrug it off, but a little part

of you feels let down. Why do we need these constant reassurances from our

cell phones lighting up? I am pretty sure the quandary of “What’s up?”

does not indicate that someone truly cares about us, instead it is teaching

us the wrong ways to show affection or appreciation. You think that “<3”

means you are loved and “;)” means you are desired. We are reading far too

much into these dumb little messages! Why is it that someone will shoot a quick

text without really thinking and the receiver could spend hours trying to

decipher it? It usually isn’t a good idea to coat your messages with

sarcasm because, news flash, sarcasm is indicated by the inflection of your

voice. What’s with the freaking butter

fingers too? Don’t send me “I shank yowr lugely.” It isn’t very hard to
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read it before you press that little green button you love so much, is it?

So many messages are misinterpreted; so many conversations are

limited, hindered, or just completely destroyed. Why do people text people

that they aren’t even friends with “in person.” That is so weird!! You

don’t click with them for a reason and the only reason you do click on your

phone (no pun was intended but I think it is kinda funny) is because your

conversations aren’t even real!

I don’t know what half the lingo means sent in text messages or Facebook

status’. I honestly never know what Nikhel and a ton of other people are

ever even saying! “Ish poppin?” I don’t even want to know. Or even “What’s good?” Do I literally say

what is good? Can you be a bit more specific because this question is much

too ambiguous. I do know that the most common message sent is “what’s up?” and the same

people will send that to you eighty times a day. How am I even supposed to

respond to that “what’s up?” Is sky the reply that satisfies that

question? I think not! But if you send it eighty times a day of course I won’t

reply anyway. On top of that you are pissed off that I am not responding to your immature chatter. It doesn’t start as something personal, just the fact that I

have better things to do than send these unsubstantial and unfulfilling

messages back and forth all the time. It does get to a point where you got

to wonder, “How boring are you?” Or maybe you just want a constant update

on my life, what a freaking creep! Therefore, different questions should

be proposed (and at the appropriate times please!). Perhaps we could ask

the question that prompted the conversation in the first place, just an idea. And if your reason is “just

to chat”. Honestly? Let’s chat in person or set down your damn phone and

read a book. If you really want to chat over text because you are

somewhere that you find boring (don’t even get me started on how easily

kids these days get bored, it’s ridiculous!), is texting really going to

make you less bored? because it definitely doesn‘t make you less boring.

You are not exactly a bundle of joy to be with if your fingers are glued

to your keypad the whole time. Not only does it make you less fun to be with, but it depreciates the chance of you enjoying yourself, completely removing you from your environment.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place for texting

and all the other technological ways for communicating. Don’t confront me over text unless you want to lose my respect. Honestly, grow a pair and talk to me in person. I’ve had people claim things that they would never even think of saying out loud. They propose a position so high and mighty it seems like a joke. Not once have they ever been joking. And if you are that little wimp that confronts me over text, don’t even think about ignoring my response. You are so absolutely pathetic and I wish you weren’t blessed with the knowledge of my number.

If I say I need to talk to you, I mean a real conversation. I mean come on; a conversation where emotions are expressed through sticking your tongue out faces and winks. Don’t try to pick people up over text either. If you can’t handle meeting them in person, you really aren’t mature enough for the “intimacy,” though texting really doesn’t give you that in the first place. You are deceiving yourself! Texting can help you plan a time to meet or even a convenient way of informing yourself such as “What’s the math homework?” or “What time does the party start?” And I do understand that some conversations come about in text because they are for some reason not appropriate or not possible in that time and place. But for your own good, stop this mindless chatter! The phone screen will never be as fulfilling as a gaze upon the night sky. Be where you are, with the people you are with. I am not trying to seem all high and mighty, I too, am guilty of this charge. That is the reason I am well aware of the impact that defective communication has on us. But I have taken the vow not to fall into this trap once more. Not that I will never text again, but that I will utilize my discernment. Give yourself some credit; I know you are capable of it too.