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Why do we have to go to school forever? School is fun, until you reach a certain point where all you hear are expectations that aren’t even fun.

When you reach high school you’re expected to meet certain requirements to graduate…Ok fine, that’s fair but then when you go to college you’re expected to take the same classes the first two years as if four years of the same thing wasn’t enough. I don’t understand why this even happens, learning things twice when you’re never going to use them. We should be more like European countries. They start their career path at age 16 and instead of taking required classes they just focus on whatever they’re going to major in. Just as a side point, Europe does have some of the best education and facilities in the world…Gee I wonder why?

On top of required classes that you have to take twice you are also pressured into doing your best to get to those Ivy League colleges that everyone keeps on talking about which shatters your chances in getting in because your best will never be good enough. Oh, and not to mention one of the required classes is Health: they teach you to live a healthy life and to not overdo it. One can’t simple keep up with this creed if the educational system keeps on throwing hard AP work, extra curricular, and even more work. Its like why do they even teach us this…Why even have Health if were never going to live up to it. On the contrary we are going to have a fit, get stressed, and produce mega size pimples.

I guess I have opinioned myself about the system and want to thank it for keeping me awake till 12, probably for the next ten years. I still haven’t enjoyed my life but when I get out of here I’ll start to live life…or not because once you’ve been sucked into working all day there’s really no way going back…
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