Respect can go a long way, and I’m not just talking about people respecting some grand famous person. In a wide array of things, respect is also just giving a person the right to have their opinion. As I’ve seen on the blogs, people have tried slandering other’s opinions and beliefs, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Now, you don’t have to agree on what they think, but at least give them the comfort to know that their vision on certain aspects on life aren’t slandered by somebody who probably just has a lack of tolerance for others. If you don’t like what they believe in, don’t pull a personal assault on them. What gives you the right to criticize what they think? Keep your attitude to yourself and have some self-control…because you obviously need it.

What I find worse is when somebody won’t admit that they have done something wrong. I’ve seen hate that has been sent to others along the internet, and it’s just aggravates me how they can hurt somebody’s feelings so easily. Is ruining somebody’s life something to be proud of? How could somebody honestly feel that they have done nothing wrong when they have left somebody in pain from the words that have been directed towards them? It’s just cruel to bring others down just because it’s not you that’s getting hurt. But, what does that say about you as a person? You can cause somebody pain and be that kind of person, or you could try to make somebody happy and show people that this world doesn’t have to be painful to live through. Just don’t bring someone down. We all have faced hard times, so please respect somebody enough to not make their life harder. You don’t know their story, and for all you know your words can do more damage than you could ever imagine.

Now, what good comes out of respecting others? Well, for one thing you bring them benefit and bring less weight on their shoulders. Also, you can be somebody that is more trustworthy in the long run because of how well you respect other’s privacy, personal life, and personal beliefs. Also, I don’t know about you, but for me it just feels good to see people enjoying life and being stress free. I like seeing the happiness in others because, especially if I make somebody happy, I will be happy. People can often affect your environment, so if people are stressed, you can feel it in the atmosphere. Keep the peace so you can feel peace. I have felt the feeling of stress, and it is not an appealing feeling. That is why it just aggravates me so much when somebody has made somebody else’s life so much harder. That’s why I see a lot of importance in respect. From a moral stand point, respecting others is good, but, more importantly it’s the idea that you don’t have the right to harm others, whether it’s physical or mental. Do what’s right. Do the respectful thing. Please.