Taking on a Different Perspective

We’ve all been lied to.

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We’ve been tricked again and again, always trusting, yet always ending with the same infuriating result.

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As a result, we may have grown bitter, our heart and our backs and our necks having become filled with pain.

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It probably would have been better/easier/faster to just have found a different solution, but as human beings, we often try way too hard to make things work when they just won't.

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We can’t let this constant abuse drag us down though.


You know those annoying family members? You can keep them (far) away by offering to let them sleep on your favorite sleeping item!
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Turn what is basically just a giant, flat, inflated pillow into a trampoline/catapult for the entire family to maybe get seriously injured onto enjoy!
external image Yh8TtC9R7IlqrW5wgPKbCRq4GRKy1zj4z-PVpHcc12i3Rz-jFqReanYU_xyqIXkLzVhes_ULB1aqMJELYLb-jWIkydbzbr_XkT_6JA2l7qjYqqjL3k746f-7Cs9pJjKP_HxVhtwN

Support local businesses!

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Lastly, take your friends on a once in a lifetime adventure by using your DIY water craft to go rafting down rivers filled with rocks or boulders that will most likely pop your craft and send you headfirst into cold water!

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Air mattresses. They aren’t always as bad as they seem.