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When the cold and bitter days of Winter come to an end, and the warm and cheerful days of Spring begin to bloom around us, girls shove their jeans, Uggs, and fuzzy warm jackets back into their closets, and pull out their cute tank tops, sporty flip-flops and summer shorts; the little summer shorty-shorts that show-off a girl’s long legs, golden tan, or silky smooth skin; the shorts that come in all different styles, colors, and patterns; the shorts that scream, “Here I come, Summer!”; the shorts that allow our legs to breathe!

So how strange is it, that with the sun shining, the birds chirping, and the grass growing greener by the second, that I’ve been wearing pants to school every single day for the past month? But what else am I supposed to wear? I can’t bear to show my legs. They are in their most unattractive and deplorable pair of legs which have ever existed on this planet. If I were to display my legs in public, people would stare at me in horror as I passed them in the hallway. If I were walking on the street, mothers would cover their children’s eyes and stores would refuse me service.

How have I transformed into this monstrosity of society? It has taken many weeks, but it is the result of the painstaking effort of NOT shaving my legs. Yes, my legs are covered with hair: long, thick, black hair that glitters in the sun and sways ever-so-slightly in the water. It’s so long, I can practically braid it; so thick, I can almost run a comb through it; so noticeable, you would be able to count each individual strand from a mile away.

And all of this is because my swim coach believes that by allowing my leg-hair to grow throughout the season, I will swim faster at Finals. His wacky reasoning runs along these lines: My extra leg-hair will create more drag while I swim during practice, then the day before Finals I shave it all off, so on the day of finals I will feel as if I’m gliding through the water, and therefore go much faster. He also threatens that if I attempt to shave my legs, my punishment will be to lunge-walk around the pool until the end of time. And so it is to my greatest dismay that I sit here with fuzzy legs, probably the hairiest of all time, to urge women of all ages and sizes to take advantage of the ability to shave their legs.
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Young ladies of America, women of all colors, nations, and cultures: I say to you, shave them well, and shave them often. Because as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you have ‘til it’s gone.” Razors and shaving crème were invented for a reason, and a very good one at that. Do not let the warm steam of the shower lull you into a lackadaisical mood, where shaving is put off until another day; do not allow the blade on your razor to dull and rust until it is unusable; and do not miss spots while shaving your beautiful legs.

Flaunt your lovely limbs; not ones covered with poky bristles, but shimmering and gleaming in the light. Not only does it feel refreshing, exhilarating, and ravishing, but your legs are silky smooth and soft to the touch. Women love it, men like it, and everyone is happy. So grab a razor, take a shower, put on something that shows your legs, and WORK IT GURL!