The reasons why car radios suck
By Alex T

Car radios have to be the worst thing to exist on the planet in this day and age. There are so many things that I despise about car radios that it will be difficult to count, but I will do my best.

First thing is that songs that are catchy and are "all the rage" get on the radio too much. I can drive to Buena at 11:45 and have Set Fire to the Rain be playing when I shut off my car, and when I get back into my car at 12:40 there Adele is. Singing away to the same song on the exact same radio station. And then I switch to a different radio station so I don't need to listen to the same song again and there she is again! Adele's Set Fire to the Rain is playing on two different radio stations at the exact same time, in slightly different parts of the song. The only thing that is good about this is that it can be amusing to swith back and forth to different parts of the song, splicing, so to speak. But the simple fact that radios can play the same song so much is terrible because then the song's popularity increases rapidly and decreases just as fast. Songs should last longer than 1 or 2 months.
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Another thing that absolutely infuriates me about car radios is the commercials. Not just the uality of the commercials, but the simple fact that whenever one station decides to cut to a commercial, THEY ALL CUT TO A COMMERCIAL!!!! Its literally impossible to find a decent song to listen to once 100.3 or 95.9 cuts to a commercial. The only thing that i find is spanish radio and I don't have the language skills in order to understand even the slowest spanish, let alone the rapidly moving spanish radio hosts. Why are they so energetic? Do they snort a line of cocaine before every break so they can say 50 words in a matter of 3 seconds? We'll never know. Every time a commercial ends they all end which is convenient so there's plenty to choose from, but every song is good so I'm always torn to listen to one or another. The pure imbalance of the car radio infuriates me. That is why I paid the $20 to get one of those casettes that you can use to plug in your ipod. So much better.

The volume controls of older car radios are also so difficult to control. The levels of my car’s radio are; extremely soft->very soft->pretty soft->soft->SO LOUD YOUR EARS ARE GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!!! There is literally no middle ground to that thing. I’m trying to adjust my radio so that I can hear Disturbed or Avenged Sevenfold a little bit louder than inaudible and all of a sudden my ears start bleeding from the sheer volume of my speakers. I think that if I had a newer radio then maybe I wouldn’t be complaining as much, but I don’t, and a lot of people deal with the same problems that I do, silently. But don’t be silent, don’t be passive, be heard and lets change the radio system. Ha, yeah right. That’s gonna happen.