Death to the Spanish Story


The Spanish story encompasses all that is odious, meaningless, and insubstantial in this world. Instead of nourishing our brains with educational conversation, it kills our very souls with unintelligent blather. Maybe this class would be useful, even enjoyable, if the Spanish stories involved realistic examples, or vocabulary that would be considered helpful to know in every day life. What normal person uses “a horn grows out of”, or “a shot was given through the buttocks”? Those phrases are utterly ridiculous, and instead of helping us communicate with the Spanish culture, it would most likely make them want to vomit upon hearing our pathetic attempts at conversation.
العاب تلبيس عرايس
افلام مغربية
افلام مغربية 2013
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No one is taking the class for educational enrichment, so our teacher needs to stop thinking that we are. We’re all taking it for college. Who cares if our Spanish reading level is less than a second grader’s? At least we’re competitive for college admission.

The Spanish story represents all that is wrong with our Spanish education. Seeing as the stories are partially the student’s creation, the way all of our stories end with death of the main character should reflect some of the suicidal thoughts of students imprisoned in this class, imprisoned in their desire to get to college.

The Spanish story should be killed, and it should be so immediately. It doesn’t feed into my cultural understanding, it kills my brain tissue; it unpeels all of my neural connections; it makes me stupid. So stop trying to enforce your “education” onto me. I will have none of it.