Why do we need to kick them out? They're just people looking for a better life. In the middle east, the people are dying of things such as starvation and terrorist organizations. Which brings me to my first topic about terrorists. If a white man shoots up a public area, he is just mentally ill. If an African American does the same, he's a criminal. And if someone from the middle east does it, then they are a terrorist and we should probably ban them so nothing like this happens again. Terrorists are terrorists. Unfortunately events like this keeps out all of the good people who only wish to give themselves or their kids a better life. However you find a few politicians willing to make someone's life harder and/or in danger just because people from their area are a waste of oxygen. Usually if difficult decisions like these are to come up in my life I would usually think of myself being in their position. You live in a desert where water and food is scarce. The government is highly unstable resulting in terrorist organizations killing more and more of your family and friends. Fortunately there is a land of opportunity where one can supposedly live in peace, free from starvation and massive terrorist organizations like the ones back home. However, you're not welcomed, all because of something you didn't do, nor had any affiliation with. Now you're forced to return to the brutal wasteland you call home. We're (Americans) scared. Scared that if we let people in, there will be chaos and murder in the streets. But that can happen anyways. The minute someone gives birth to a child in America, there's the possibility of that child terrorizing the rest of the nation. But it's a risk you're willing to take if it means giving someone a better life, the only life they will ever have.