"High school: where self esteem, innocence, and dreams go to die" Anonyms
"Never let what you learn in school interfere with your education" Anonyms

There are many things I am need to complain about because all I ever do is complain J
  1. I slog through every day, every hour, every week so far this year. I’ll be somewhat half awake every once and a while, but mainly I’m a machine barely functioning but trudging through just to scrape by. I don’t like this. I feel like school, or life rather, has not always been like this. It makes me mad that I feel no emotion and don’t try anymore and feel like I want to lie down in a dark room for months and barely breath, but breath enough to still live. Come on, that definitely sounds nice to other people too and I know it!
  2. I’m annoyed with the fact that I have nearly 15.63 Million things to color and memorize for honors physio. If I think about how many unit packets and reading guides and lectures and notes and lab practicals I endure, my eyes start to water and I feel like my arms will slowly slide off my body. I hate that some people actually grade the physiology color-between-the-lines-of-this-picture-of-a-simple-squamous-epithelium hard. There are students that (I kid you not) raise their hand while we are grading and say “Mrs. Anderson, how much should we take off if they labeled this tiny little liter line in pencil?” and the answer is normally “Um take off 17 points for that”. THAT POOR KID. What I don’t understand is that YOU are a student and junior going through the same thing everyone else is! Wouldn’t you cut them some slack on the intense coloring of this skeleton? Like dude these practicals and exams are crazy (not just for physio) so why are you for no reason going out of your way to torture a fellow prisoner of this death hole? Why. Do you have the heart of Lucifer himself? Do you not realize that she assigns 28 pages of homework a night and there is always constantly some packet or test due? Please just stop with being evil to your fellow classmates. We can defeat our masters better if we work as a group! (that was a joke)
  3. Okay I’m annoyed with the fact that it is seemingly IMPOSSIBLE to not be thinking or stressing or crying about something every second of junior year; whether it be the ever-so-obvious : SAT, ACT, AP testing or no time to do those 5 page front and back physiology test corrections at lunch. It can even be other stuff like: parents are yelling and screaming once again about everything under the sun and blaming everything ever on me, friends being hard to deal with or annoying or whatever, sports controlling your whole life and making it impossible to do any homework or get any sleep, lack of sleep, lack of cats, lack of knowledge or ability to listen and have a conversation.
  4. I’m so annoyed with people not wanting to talk to me. Like real talk to me. I know I get in those slumps of slogging through school but there are still numerous occasions where all I want is to talk to you! Talk to a fellow student! NOT about your test scores or your current grade in APUSH or your nerves for the SAT or your tutor or your friends scores or your class rank or some assignment that is due next week. Please for the love of some omnipotent figure, just talk to me about your beliefs on animals, or religion, or clothes, or the Brady Bunch, or conservationists or reality tv, or even facial hair on middle schoolers. Please just please talk to me and engage with me and laugh with me because I’m trying to do everything I can to not make this a prison-like mind numbing process called “high school” or rather “junior year”.
  5. I’m sick of people thinking community colleges mean you are dumb. It’s called transferring. It’s called saving money. It’s called more options.
  6. I’m also soooo sick of adults or older generations saying “kids these days”. OH MY GOSH. We aren’t as bad as you are making us out to be! Especially nowadays with the technology and phones (keeping in mind that basically every single adult I know has an iphone). Guess what? Yes we are on our phones a lot but guess what? You’re definitely not completely out of your digital life either! And guess what?! We didn’t invent these things when we were 2! THE OLDER GENERATIONS DID. For all the newest technologies, the “older” generations made them! You’re contributing plenty to this! I’m tired of all the dumb stereotypical judgment from my elders. I can see that the new technological advances are an “advantage”and I’m happy about them. You can refuse to agree with that but you will look awful silly doing so while holding your iphone 5c “liking” your old high school buddy’s picture on Facebook.
  7. I’m tired of fake people.
  8. I’m tired of people either being scared of me or mad at me for saying how I feel. I will not be mad at you for doing so, so please don’t do it to me! SAY YOUR OPINIONS PLEASE. Don’t just go with what everyone says. Even if you believe what everyone says! Try to say it and get the message across but in a different way!
  9. Lastly, I’m tired of feeling like I’m nothing, and seeing that a lot of other people do too. Why is it that I feel like actual crap when I hear some people’s grades, or I hear how much they studied on Friday and Saturday night, or how they broke the school record for fastest 100 meters. I also feel like I’m nothing when I look at some people’s faces or bodies or boyfriends or girlfriends. Is it ok that I am perfectly okay with being “average” in looks and school? I feel like society doesn’t accept that. I just want to slither by with an “ok” gpa and get into a mediocre college that I really like and become a teacher and live in a normal house with a pretty groovy dood? I mean as far as personality goes I want to be way off from average and normal, which I think I’m more than accomplishing at this point, but when it comes to school I just don’t feel like it’s worth it for me to give up time with my friends to read a million pages in a textbook. I mean it’s my decision to create memories such as getting coffee under the stars with Annie, rather than study even if it will get me into an amazing college. I am deciding that I don’t have much time left with them so I will be happy god dammit. I wish society and our school could be more accepting of the small minority of people like that.
  10. Lastly, I’m sick of judging everyone. This complaint goes to myself. I’m sick of not giving people a chance to show who they are because 92% of the time I’m wrong! I need to stop being so judgmental because it’s mean and I don’t know anyone’s back round story and I give them no chance to show who they are! Every time I try to stop I just start again! I’m hoping with age I will drop this evil habit because no one deserves to be judged before proving themselves!
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PPS: I really liked Sarah C's, so yes mine is somewhat like hers.