Thank you Scott for posing for me. (:

"I Don't Know Where the Pegasus Came From."

by Alli S.

Okay guys, this is all for you. General Larry Platt wasn’t kidding when he said you all were “lookin’ like [fools] with your pants on the ground!” No one wants to see your cute little black and red plaid boxers, yes, I’m serious. I am aware that pulling your pants all the way up isn’t exactly the most comfortable or flattering, but honestly, when you are sitting down on a bench, and your pants are so low that they are barely even touching the bench at all, something is a little wrong.

Come on, who actually thinks that’s attractive anyway? I mean, come on! You KNOW you have a problem when you have to actually physically change the way you walk into this awkward wide-legged waddle just because you don’t want to pull your pants up, or wear a belt for that matter, or hey, don’t have a belt? Get a freaking shoe string, seriously. You don’t even hear the most gullible airhead of a girl come up and say “oh em gee. He is like soooooooo hot with his pants all like down there like past his butt”. There is definitely a reason for that, just saying.

It’s really funny too, that most of these guys who apparently enjoy waddling around everywhere are the guys who are better looking, or at least act more like “ladies men” (generally, there are plenty of good looking guys who don’t do this of course); and what else sucks, is when I ask nicely for someone to pull up their pants even just a little, I often get some dirty look or just a flat out “no” as if I just told them to do something that is totally frowned upon, covering up the butt you probably hardly have anyway is not frowned upon. Sometimes I think I should just go pull their pants up for them when they decide that they are going to have the crotch of their jeans down at their knees and the butt pockets on the back of their thighs. Good Plan.