Raised by White Lies.

For the longest time, I had no clue where babies came from; I thought they were delivered via parachutes. I always forced myself to finish all of my food despite how full I was; if I didn’t the pikasu (scary headless Thai monster) would visit me. I never laid down on my stomach right after a meal; if I did then I would transform into a snake. And I always avoided the spring door stand behind my bathroom door; if I kicked it then a world of snakes would come out of the wall.. Or so my elders said. I always believed that they were right, but I finally caught on that these short explanations were just white lies.
Lies, really. The term “white lie” is just sugar coating it. I took in these lies by the spoonful and grew up in innocent ignorance. Why couldn't the adults in my family just tell me that I couldn't dig my way to China, or that the tooth fairy didn't exist? Why was I told that chocolate milk came from chocolate cows, or that unicorns ate cereal? Because a child is so gullible. Beacuse it's better if a child remained ignorant and obeyed. Because it'll be so darn hilarious when a child realizes the truth. Sure, the truth may hurt at times, but doesn't realization hurt even more?