Trucks. Just no.external image lifted-ford-truck-harrisburg.jpg

There is nothing more annoying to me, as a fairly new driver, than being tailgated on the freeway by a massive pickup truck going 80 mph+, weaving through traffic, and not using their turn signals. Yes there are other cars doing this but I’m not nearly as fearful for my life when a tiny, pint-sized sedan cuts me off. Where exactly do you need to be in such a hurry? Or is this all just a big show to stroke your fragile, little ego? I for one don’t see a lifted, oversized truck driving erratically and automatically think “Wow! This guy’s so tough and manly and cool!”, rather my mind jumps to the conclusion that the driver is clearly overcompensating for some quality they lack. Also, how many of these people actually need these intensely modified cars? We live in Southern California, where it hardly ever rains, are the mud flaps really necessary? I'll give you a pass if you need it for your construction company or live off road, but the majority of these alterations I see are fixed to spotless trucks that have never even touched dirt or an unpaved road. Additionally, to the truck drivers out there that don’t drive like maniacs or attempt to piss me off on the freeway, I commend you.