Hand drawn and then I used effects off Photobucket.com. Yes, there are spelling errors they are on purpose.

"It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me wish for a refund plus contribution for my time."

By Amy H.

It’s an automatic turn off. It’s over used and cliche. When you are sitting, with your large butts on a couch mindlessly watching TV and a commercial message comes on the screen promoting a new film, assuring you that it is the newest number one film. They convince you with supposed audience reaction’s flashing in between altered scenes, "An instant classic!" "It’s perfect for the hole family!" "Hilarious!" "I can’t wait to see it again!" "Two thumbs way up!" "A must see!", you realize where I am going with this. Sure they toss in a few brand name magazine and news papers in the charade, which is only to befuddle and impress you into the trap of the century, the theater.

I would like to meet that yes man of a soul in charge of the brilliant idea that declaring every new movie that comes out a number one hit would automatically make it a masterpiece. Today the companies almost feel as if they need that number sign to make their work noticed. I almost scoff at the back to back movie advertisements and I end up shouting something like this, " HA! How can you say County Strong is the number one movie when Season of the Witch just told me they were the number one movies! Show me the statistics! Show me the proof! They probably both suck like every other signal number one movie hit this week!" Luckily I did not see either of those films so I do not have the displeasure of seeing them still in my mind. What never herd of them? That is so shocking! I don’t understand they where supposedly on the number on the billboard? Or where they really?

The altering of the scenes is what really grinds my gears since they often have me interpreting a totally different plot line than what the movie really is and that is a total betrayal of trust. Do they think that since the whole experience is fake that they can just manipulate it however they want? What, do they think since we are lied to constantly about modern appearances like fast food burgers and the definition of beauty is perfection that they can also just lie about what we are about to watch? Yes, they can but, that is still not cool. I don’t know how many times I have gone to an action movie and it ends up being a sexual exploitation of nothingness. Maybe if they stopped kissing and messing around with each character, the plot would be more interesting and just maybe I would buy it on DVD so that you can all buy mansions and yachts! I hate it when a comedy ends up a total buzz kill of emotions and you exist more depressed than you were all week. Or how about when you go to what seems like a decent movie, you feel it won’t be the best but, you go to get out of the house and it ends up being a chick flick! I hate that!

I understand that they lie because, they want my money but, it seems like every new movie keeps growing more mediocre and predicable with more swearing and even more adult humor. Who knows if they actually put advertisements like "The plot was lacking but, the graphic’s is what saved it" or " So stupid it was funny!" or even " Mediocre plot + OK actors’ + OK graphic’s = a movie to watch only once" then people like me will not expect the movie to be better than average. Maybe since I live in this rapped modern world I have become accustom to satisfaction? All I say is don’t put your self on a pedestal if you can’t prove that you are the best of the rest, most of the time you just end up looking like a fool.