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Chipotle is the Devil’s offspring of fast food. Chipotle claims that they are “healthy” and “gourmet” but this is a lie. Chipotle, like many other companies and stores, uses GMOd food products. They do not use all natural grass fed animals to serve the american people, in most cases. They will use naturally raised, locally grown food when it is available to the company. So this means they could possibly be feeding you nasty, poorly raised meats and vegetables 9 out of the 10 you go to eat at this “gourmet” restaurant because the good stuff (naturally raised food) was only available on the one certain date you went to eat there.

Chipotle, it’s time for people to know the lies you have been telling people all these years and it is my job as a Muckraker to unveil your lies! Chipotle claims they are buying food from places that treat their animals with “integrity” __check out this page of lies__. But really they treat their animals just like all the rest of the growth hormone raised, antibiotic filled animals used at other varies large fast food companies.

Where does Chipotle receive their non-naturally grown meat when naturally grown meat is not readily available? I’m glad you asked, __check it out.__ Chipotles “food with integrity” slogan does not fool me and shouldn’t fool any of you either, that is why I am here today letting all of you see the horrors of Chipotle Mexican Grill. Just as a little known side fact Chipotle was a company started by McDonalds, yes McDonalds the Mecca of fast food was in partnership with Chipotle but in 2006 but McDonalds “divested” from Chipotle. __Scroll to "Chipotle History."__ Divested: rid oneself of something that one no longer wants or requires, such as a business interest or investment. You read it right, Chipotle was kicked to the curb by the nastiest of all fast food. Are you still fond of this untruthful restaurant that continuously lies to us, the loyal customer? You shouldn’t be.
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Please take some time to watch this false advertisement that serves as manipulative propaganda to get the american people to think that Chipotle is above the dirty ways of other fast food restaurants. __The Scarecrow__. As a Muckraker I took some time and thought about this video. I came to the conclusion that the scarecrow is Chipotle, it goes around it’s community hoping for a change because it see’s what other fast food companies have done to poison it’s community, but the scarecrow must stay focused and working hard for the big corporate bosses a.k.a. the robotic crow. By making the crow robotic, Chipotle took away any living, breathing, or emotional characteristics that the crow may have possessed before. As the video goes on you see the scarecrow go to it’s “local” farm and harvest it’s all natural goods, (vegetables and meats) including the famous Chipotle pepper, the one used on the Chipotle logo. The Scarecrow then goes on to drive back into town with his newly harvested goods, set up shop and sell healthy, non hormone infested food to the innocent people of it’s community and thus the start of Chipotle. It is a well done advertisement but does not fool me! How can I believe any of this when right in Chipotles website they tell their customers that they do use GMOd products and do not specifically say that they COMPLETELY stay away from GMOd but they simply try and avoid them. __Check it out.__ They use key phrases such as “We’ve made a lot of progress over the last 20 years” “Local is a farm that’s within a 350 mile radius” “We look hard to find farmers that are doing things the right way” all over their website. They never specifically say what “a lot of progress” is or what the “right way” means, and why can’t they be a bit more specific other than just saying “working hard”? Just to put it into perspective in 350 miles I could drive from Ventura to Compton about 4 times and that would be 350 miles. That is what Chipotle defines as “local.” Look through the rest of that page and you will see more cleverly placed phrases such as those.

As a final procedure to make sure you, the american people never eat at Chipotle again because of their lying and dishonest ways I am going to advise you to watch this video of a former employee of Chipotle and his experiences and knowledge with them. I do believe he is a credible source even though his appearance and vocabulary would not seem so. Please take caution before watching this video as it is very explicit, I apologize in advance for not being able to find a cleaner version of this key source of information. __Video__.

Stay away from Chipotle.
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