My article is going to be on something that I am passionate about, something that I would love to have a career in, Music. Music is something that can get us into a good mood when were sad, depressed or just had a bad day. It can get us pumped for various sports events or other fun things. All in all music is a great thing and without it life would be boring. Now the one thing I hate is when people stereotype music by it’s genre. People tend to believe that Metal, the genre that I listen too, is the devils music when its not. Most of them are bands that write positive messages and are very emotional. Sure there are some bands that are questionable and probably are devils worshipers and such but those are the bands I avoid because of that reason. There is only one song on my phone that I won’t listen to that has a not so positive meaning but ill get into that later. I would like to explain some of the meanings behind some songs by my favorite artists if you don’t mind. Ill include links to the song after explain them.
First artist I would like to talk about is my favorite artist of the metal genre. If you know me or seen most of the shirts I wear you would know who it is. It’s Asking Alexandria! Asking Alexandria is a British metal band from York, North Yorkshire. They actually decided that they would come over to America to start there career other than start it in England which worked out perfectly, they are now one of the top metal bands in metal scene but enough of the history of AA lets get on to the music!
There first album was released in late 2009 called “Stand up and Scream”. Most of the albums songs are basically break up songs but there are some songs on there that are about some not so great life experiences. There are two songs from that album that I am going to explain.
The first one is called “If You Can’t Ride Two Horses At Once…You Should Get out Of the Circus”. This song is about a very bad break up and how he feels like he has failed and won’t find love again. “I can’t see through the tears in my eyes, I can’t breathe. I feel I've failed, I was made to make you smile, I was made to make you shine, to make you shine”. The song continues to talk about how people told the couple that it would never last between them. “They said, this could never happen. They said, we could never be. Are you telling me you listened?”. As the song branches into one of the two choruses the song talks about how he doesn’t understand why they broke up after she said she would stay with him. “So there’s no you and me, and we can’t live this way for ever. You said you’d run away! You said you’d run away, you’d run away with me…”. Song closes off with its second chorus which talks about how he feels his life is falling apart and that he wanted to die rather than be with out her. “So now this is over and my world falls upon me. I never expected to be here alive!! The shadows are forming as we burst into flames, why does this end this way!?”.

If You Cant Ride Two Horses At Once…You Should Get out Of the Circus Link:

The second song is called “A Prophecy” and it talks about the hard times of being away from someone you love and losing someone you love. Now this going to be a short one because there are a lot of lines that are repeated and that I don’t what they mean. “How stubborn are the scars when they won’t fade way? Or just a gentle reminder that now are better days? We’ll be home soon so dry you’re eyes! You’ll be okay, you’ll be okay!!”. The last bit of the song is about losing that loved one. “You never said goodbye, goodbye! You never said goodbye, goodbye! You never said goodbye ,goodbye! You never said goodbye and now you’re! On! Your! Own!”

A Prophecy Link:
Now AAs second album titled “Reckless & Relentless” was more on the not good life experiences. It was edgy or as the band calls it “Balls to the wall”. The whole album was written during a band time in Danny Worsnops, the front man of AA, life. It was a product of Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll, but it produced a hit album it is there best work in my opinion.

There is only one song off of this Record that I want to talk about and it is the one song they have so far that has no screaming in it, its all pure singing more on the Rock side. It’s called Someone, Somewhere. It’s a very uplifting tune about being lost, loss of loved ones, apologies and being able to share a dream with a friend.
The songs start of right away with its chorus. The chorus is about being on the road alone and knowing that there’s someone out there who cares about you and wants you to make it home. “Even though I’m on my own, I know I’m not alone, cause I know there’s someone somewhere praying that I make it home. So here’s one from my heart, my life right from the start, I need a home sweet home, to call my own” The first verse is about his dead grandfather who inspired him to become a musician. “It was you, who told me I could do this. You put the music in my heart, and how you sang with the band in Memphis. It’s hard just to be strong, not knowing if I’ve done you proud. I like to imagine you smile when you here my songs” then it breaks back into the chorus followed by the second verse which is his apology to his mom, dad and sister. “A letter home and I know we don’t speak much. And we both know I’m not keen to, but I think there’s things I’ve left unsaid. I’m okay, don’t worry. I wish I’d been a better kid. I’m trying, to slow down. I’m sorry for letting you down”. It then goes back into the chorus one more time followed by a guitar solo and the third and final verse about his best friend and band mate, the guitarist in AA Ben Bruce. “You know its just Rock & Roll! I know you’re by my side through it all. My terror twin and I! Let’s take over the world!”. Song then ends after repeating the chorus two more times.

Someone, Somewhere Link:
The next band I would like to talk about is a Christian Metal band despite there name. They are called The Devil Wears Prada and no they did not name them selves after the chick flick and book. I haven’t heard most of there songs so I just want to briefly explain that when ever they go on stage and perform they dedicate there performance to god. Every set they let the crowd know that they don’t do this for them selves but for the lord.
Ill continue explaining song meanings with this next band called For Today. They two are a Christian Metal band and all of there songs are about god. They even take time out of there set, about half to be exact to preach to the audience. I know for I have seen them live 3 times and every time it’s the same. They have released 4 studio albums but I am only going to talk about the one that I like the most.
The song I'm going to explain from is there third album titled “Breaker” is “Devastator” its there most popular. It’s a very heavy tune that is sure to get any pit going. The song is ultimately about god’s army (us) going down to hell and destroying it. The song starts out with this creepy guitar riff that is heard through out the rest of the song. These lyrics come in over the guitar “Hell fear me! I am the one who will bring you down! And when you fall! Fear me! You’ll see my face on the battle ground!”. The song continues talking about gods army and how this battle for the lord for the lord. “Let my name be feared at the gates of hell, as I exalt the savior. The one who died to buy my victory, and gave me a new name. Let my name be feared at the gates of hell, as I exalt the savior. In the name of the holy one of god!!”. He then goes on to talk about what’s going to happen when they get down there, the ultimate victory. “I will cast you down at the foot of the cross He hung from! I will stand behind my Savior, as He burns your kingdom down! And I will see you on! Your! Knees! before the King! Of! Kings! You will lose! Your! Throne! to the chosen! Ones! The chosen ones will rise!!!” as the song continues on it reaches the Breakdown which is the point in a metal song where it’s the most powerful and awesome, it’s where everyone in the pits goes crazy. While the breakdown is happening these lyrics are being sung “Tear it to the ground! This is the army we’ve been waiting for! Tear it to the ground! We will storm the gates of hell and we will! Tear it to the ground! We stand behind the one that conquered death! Tear it to the ground! And we will stand when there is nothing left! Tear it to the ground! Tear it to the ground!” as the song continues on it gets too another powerful point in the song, a second breakdown, and speaks more of this victory we will obtain. “Justice! Justice! Justice! God! Bring! justice! Justice! We will come against the bondage of hell! Justice! And we will take back what’s taken from us! Justice! This is our right as heirs to dominion! God! Bring! justice!...This War! Will! End!” the song then ends with the opening lines. “Hell fear me! I am the one who will bring you down! And when you fall! Fear me! You’ll see my face on the battle ground! Hell fear me! I am the one who will bring you down! And when you fall! Fear me! You’ll see my face on the battle ground!”

Devastator link: [[\]]

Mattie (lead singer) preaching Link:

If after this you still believe that Metal is the devils music then I don’t know what to do to help you understand its not.