Technology including social media is starting to destroy the household.Know that technology has become cheaper and more arodable.Take the cell phone this 3in x 2in piece of plastic has cut down on family sociability.Take my household for example during dinner the once talk of how shook has been was replaced with the faint glowing and taping of the glass.This pisses me off because I would never be able to talk to them.The only response that I would get would be im busy,o really you don't have time for your own kids.This device has had my siblings and me keep a distance from my parents.They no longer ask us the usual "how are u doing" or the "do you want Chinese take out"The point is that I just want a dinner that me and my parents can talk and have fun but in this day and age it has become more and more of a struggle.But It just doesn't only happen in a household but around the globe.We are limiting our social interaction with another person because we are glued to a screen.That pretty girl that walk by would have been you wife but because you were on your phone you will never know.It got to point that there are add campains to prevent this.Check the video on top this is a video that give reasons of why you should look up.but I understand that technology is advancing each every other day but there has to be a limit.That you should be able to tear your eyes away from this 21st century gorgon.Be the Perseus and kill it but you can still use it but not all the time.