Doing Some Good

Why don’t people try to make the world a better place?


This is unfathomable to me! Maybe it’s how I was raised, or what life has taught me so far; but I believe that:

“If you can do good things for other people, you have a moral responsibility to do it.”-Uncle Ben, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN


"Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire" -Talmud

Essentially, I have thought, all I need to do with my life is help people and work to make the world a better place; then all will fall into accordance and complete the puzzle of happiness.

That is what I will do when I grow up; I don’t care how much money I make, I don’t care where I live, as long as I am helping people as much as I can I will be joyous to no end.

But I can’t understand why others don’t see the same?

Why are people so selfish?

Those big corporations making the endless amount of money and making consumer’s lives’ worst; controlling and buying the government just causing a corrupt cycle.

Those who turn a blind eye when someone is being attacked, verbally, emotionally and physically.
Those who pray to the various gods but snicker at the sight of a poor neighborhood.

Those who don’t pray and don’t take action in their communities.
Those who attack one of the basic rights of gay people and don’t want them to get married.
Those who kill helpless animals, just because it’s their family tradition of partaking in that activity or because it’s a fun and because it’s a “sport”. (How would you like to be taking nice hike with your family then you just see your son get taken out by a sniper up on the hill, not so fun is it?)
Those who stock pile finances and never do anything useful and helpful to humanity with them.

If people did good things for each other it would be an amazing world. And I don’t mean just merely sharing something with a friend or helping out a sibling with a problem. I mean the type of good thing where you help a stranger. That is what we need more of in this world.

We need more helping hands, life savers, missions, charities, service events, and good deeds done in this world.

We need people to get off of their selfishness and help out someone in some sort of way!

You see an elderly person carrying groceries home from the 99 cent store, offer them a ride!
There is a stranger at school or someone who seems miserable and lonely, talk to them! You have something to learn from everyone in this world.
Is there a homeless man or woman trying to get by? Give them some money! (This one you do have to be careful on because you don’t want to facilitate their ability to get drugs or alcohol.)

Is someone passing laws that don’t help the lives of others? Well campaign against it, better yet make your own laws or run for office!

You can’t just not give a care about society and other human beings. We are on this planet TOGETHER, which means we have to work TOGETHER to make it a worthwhile experience. After all (even though this phrase if very over used and I only use it in a jokingly way, except for today) Y.O.L.O., you really do only live once. Which means you really only have one chance to make the world a better place as many times as you can.

So next time you have an opportunity to do something good take it! You will find yourself happier and more satisfied with yourself by knowing that you made someone else’s life better.

Tips on how to make the world a better place:

And here is a video of me eating Cheez-Its with "Doing Good Does You Good" in the background and playing some random song on iTunes: