Concept by Kevin A. and Art by Anna G.

Ignorance To The State Of The Earth

By Anna G.

Why do people deny the slow deterioration of our earth through Global Warming? I’ve heard many people make fun of the idea and respond by saying, “didn’t you know? The earth is actually cooling!” or “the earth has always been heating up a little. It’s just nature!” How many people that believe these misconceptions actually know the science behind Global Warming? And how many of these people just do not like the idea that they have to actually change their way of life or perhaps refuse to believe that they as a single person can impact the state of the entire planet? Well, news flash! It’s not just you. It’s the few billion people of the entire planet not caring that causes the earth to heat up and yes, you might actually have to go to such extremes as buying different light bulbs or driving your car a little less.

If people observed the mounds of scientific evidence behind Global Warming, maybe they would understand the issue a lot better and believe that this phenomenon is occurring. They would see that the earth isn’t heating at the slow steady pace that it may have been before human industrialism had its impact, but they would realize that the earth is heating at an exponential rate that is increasing right along with the amount of CO2. This myth that the earth is in fact cooling is due to the slow drop of temperature between 1998 and 2008. However, the temperature has gone up since then and when looking at the momentous rise in temperature since 1940, this supposed “cooling” is incredibly insignificant.

It’s a wonder why individuals find it so hard to believe that the earth is heating up. I’ve heard the excuse “I don’t feel anything when I walk outside!” What people need to realize is that their experience of the outside temperature is not the measurement. What they do not accept is that a single degree or two has enormous effects on the environment, especially the Antarctic which then effects the entire planet. Instead of dismissing the idea, try researching this issue and you will find that Global Warming is real and is being impacted by each and every one of us right now. Maybe then you can actually make a difference. Isn’t a couple minor “inconveniences” worth the state of our globe and the future of next generations?

If interested, here is a fascinating website on everything you need to know about Global Warming;