Minimal Class Options Leading Me to Insanity

Stop Standardization!

It is the last class of the week, sixth period on Friday. A class that just happens to have been my favorite. Drama. Last year Drama was an intimate group of about fifteen talented students who wanted to be in class. We had numerous inside jokes and fond memories.

So why is Drama no longer my favorite class?

It is not because I have moved on, it is because of the overcrowding and trivialization of our high school electives. Because of recent budget cuts, there is limited funding for high school electives. So, instead of a small group of similarly minded individuals, electives now may contain up to fifty students who are only taking the class because they need a fine art.

Partially because of my experience in Drama 1 last year, I have decided to major in the Theatre Arts. However, if electives are cut further and class sizes continue to soar, other students may not have the opportunity to find a subject they love by deciding to take a specialized elective.

Limiting the education potential of high school students is one of the worst things that society can do, because high school students need variety in order for them to enjoy and appreciate school. I have often excused poor grades and inattention in certain classes due to the fact that I was forced to take them because of the limited amount of classes offered at my school. In classes that I have truly wished to take I has always performed well in. This year in registering for classes I have very few options left unless I wish to take classes at the community college. Although both science and math are electives this year, I have only one realistic class option for each.

This standardization of high school education is a serious problem which has led to a large high school dropout rate ( 18 percent) and a large amount of high school students attending mandatory summer school in order to make up one or more classes. Although having standard core classes does help many indecisive students get through high school, there should be a large amount of electives so that students can have a more personalized, interesting high school career. This could help the high school dropout rate decrease and help student's perform better in all of their classes.