Scrabble On SteriodsBy Anna Shang
It's more entertaining than Jersey Shore, more convenient than your neighborhood Starbucks, hipper than Facebook, and more assessable than Charlie Sheen's latest tweets. It's Scrabble, but with a irresistible twist: you can play on your choice of select mobile phones or an iPod touch, and most importantly, with your friends.

It's a handy-dandy app called Words With Friends, and it's all the rage right this moment. So firstly, why is this specific game, out of so many others, the game of choice by millions of people right now? Well of course, it's not only about the clever usernames, but it's simply another situation in which there is a winner. Words With Friends is a game that reveals the true character of individuals. It demonstrates who is willing to pull out all the stops to win, including cheat, and who is the crafty one who can assemble a two-letter word worth 30 points. It can't teach you how to fist pump, but it has the ability to test friendships, and make new ones. It prevents the board-flipping that inevitably occurs in classic Scrabble. It can educate on vocabulary, but never provides the definitions. It exposes one to so much yet so little at the same time.

So despite it's aggravating ability to suck your phone's battery in a few hours of continuous play and not provide any speedy caramel macchiatos, Words With Friends is here, and it's here to stay to cater to anyone, and everyone's, egotistical nature to win.