"My Utter Disgust Of Close Mindedness"
by Ariana J.

Pronounced [uh-pin-yuhn]
1. A belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
2.A personal view, attitude, or appraisal.


1. Something that actually exists; reality
Why must there always be a winner and a loser when it comes to everything? Opinions are going to vary and no one is correct. Opinions are ideas, we are all entitled to our own, and no matter the arguments, these opinions are no less correct than anyone else’s opinions. When it comes to an argument, other opinions do not suffice as evidence.

People chose to take their opinions as facts, when they truly are not. They think that they are correct, when they look ignorant by not acknowledging the complexity. These people chose to close their minds to all others opinions in order to be “right”.

We must realize the difference in definition between a fact and an opinion, because no matter what one may think. It is a fact that they are not the same. Not everything must be argued, not everything must have an immediate answer, and those who may not even have a definite stance on a topic are no less wrong than anyone with an opinion.

Our minds must be open to others views and ideas, we don’t need to agree or disagree; we just must be tolerant because we are not all 100% correct. Life is too short to argue everything, life is too short to be angry about every differing opinion, and life is too short to be close- minded.

Opening your mind to others opinions can be enlightening. It is okay to question your own opinions, if you learn something from someone else’s opinion that is okay. Often times listening is the most powerful act during an argument. How often do we become defensive, and in turn shut down all others ideas? Listening and being tolerant to others opinions would open our minds to more of the world. We shelter ourselves from any controversy, but in doing so we are limiting our own knowledge and looking ignorant.

Valuing others opinions is something to be held with the utmost importance and respect, for it is a talent that shows true confidence and intelligence. People are not only sacrificing their ideas, but also are willing to put themselves in a situation in which they are able to learn more of the complexity thus gaining insight into the ideas of others.

It is ridiculous how much we miss by failing to recognize the other side of a situation. Put your ego aside and realize that sometimes it is okay to be wrong or to compromise. Open your mind and you may see how much you are missing. Learn that not every discussion must have a right and a wrong. Can’t we ever agree to disagree?